Welcome to the Wasatch area HSMM-Mesh/Broadband-Hamnet site! (Wasatch Meshers)

Welcome to the Wasatch Meshers site! This site was created to be a focus point for the ham radio mesh activity in the Utah Wasatch area. It should be used as a single location to find out what is going on with mesh in the Wasatch area, and how to get involved. If you are a licensed ham and would like to learn about mesh, you have come to the right place. There are several groups in the area, working with mesh. We invite everyone to add their knowledge and experience to this site, so everyone can benefit, improve and expand the mesh network in the area.

We encourage every ham interested in HSMM-Mesh/Broadband-Hamnet to register so you can access all the gathered information and add your information. You MUST use your FCC callsign as a login ID.

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